Q for Quality Tourism

Our commitment to Excellence in Management has made the Hotel Urune awarded the commitment to quality and Q Tourist Quality for accommodations. Each year we renew our commitment to Excellence overcoming a demanding audit that helps us improve gradually.

As stated in the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality mark Q for Quality Tourism meets a number of features in forms of prestige, differentiation, reliability and rigour to certified tourism establishment.

  • PRESTIGE, the brand demonstrates the commitment of the certified establishment to achieve full customer satisfaction, meeting the needs and exceeding their expectations by offering excellent service.
  • DIFERENTIATE, the brand may only be obtained by those establishments to ensure quality standards established by the quality regulation of services.
  • RELIABLE, because the method used to assess compliance or not of the requirements requested by the regulation are independent of their own sector and are designed according to the sectoral regulations.
  • RIGOROUS, because to obtain it, it is essential to pass some controls established in the regulation.
  • PROMOTION by the administrations to the consumers.