We seek harmony and consistency with the environment, incorporating criteria for environmental and social sustainability.

Urune’s responsibility for the environment comes with its design in order to facilitate the accessibility to all facilities for people with disabilities. For this reason, we have won the seal of accessibility awarded by the Basque Government and Euskalit, the Basque Foundation for Excellence in 2010.

One of our other big commitments is the environment. As a result, we have adopted a responsible and sustainable attitude as a company, consuming products with a life cycle requiring fewer raw materials, water and energy and generating little waste.

We implement environmental practices as part of the information that is provided to new staff in their Reception Plan:

  • Faucets with flow reducer.
  • Limitation of tank capacity.
  • Biomass boilers that operate with a pellet, a generic material used to refer to small portions of agglomerated or compressed material. In terms of air emissions, it may be noted that this boiler emits neutral carbon dioxide, which releases the same amount of gas that the tree had absorbed during its life.
  • Wind turbine and photovoltaic panels for generating sustainable energy.
  • Drip irrigation.
  • Light detectors in common areas.
  • Fireplace to heat the living room, only with wood, emitting neutral carbon dioxide.
  • Use of environment friendly products, natural pesticides. We do not apply chemicals in gardening, cleaning …
  • Commitment to the region, municipality and rural setting, using local products to serve meals or to make food products for sale.
  • Waste management: composting system, recycling bins for use by customers and staff of the hotel.
  • Installation of ECOPUMP (shower gel dispensers) in the rooms to reduce the use of plastic waste.
  • We use products with the brand that guarantees the use of components of plant origin and not tested on animals.
  • Replacement of plastic bottles for water jugs.