Coco-Mat is a brand that is committed to manufacture the best beds in the world in the most sustainable way possible. All their products are made with natural materials from renewable resources such as coconut fiber, natural rubber, wool, cotton, seaweed, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose sources.

The bed chosen by Urune Hotel for these rooms combines four high-end products in an innovative system: the base mattress over-natural rubber mattress top and down, four different types of mattresses with unique properties. Thus, they are able to achieve perfect support for our body till the last point of it. Suitable for almost all types of body. This combination of four levels offers the best conditions for a healthy and relaxing break. Each individual layer represents a specific combination of natural materials, providing elasticity to the bed that our body requires.

The Pillows, meanwhile, are also made from natural products such as natural rubber, cotton and goose down. . .In Pillows we have chosen for Urune Hotela called Morfeas Shiton II and the materials are natural rubber, cotton, feathers and duck down.