TRADITIONAL: Pillow to sleep on your back. It provides the highest comfort by relaxing the muscles of the neck and the shoulders. It consists of a spongy silicone polyester fiber and its outside cover is made of cotton (50%) and polyester (50%). It is of medium hardness.

CUADRANTE: Low synthetic pillow to sleep on your stomach. It reduces muscle tension in the neck. It is made of a polyester fiber filling and the lining is 100% polypropylene. It is of medium-hard softness.

CERVICAL PILLOW RELAX: A cylindrical pillow filled with microballs. It adapts to the movement and takes the shape of the head and neck providing support throughout the night. It is made of polystyrene filler (100%) and the lining is made of polyester (86%) and spandex (14%).

ERGONOMIC: Pillow to sleep both on your back and on your side. Its top is designed particularly as a contact surface, while the bottom provides optimal support to sleep on your back. It adapts to the head and the neck, helping to relax muscles and reduce the need of movement. It is made of a foam filling sensitive to temperature and body weight, the inner cover is made of Lyocell (55%), cotton (45%) and polyester padding, so that it can absorb and eliminate effectively all the moisture.